About Us

In 2020 I began selling face masks and accessories when I lost a remarkably close friend to Covid. Due to the devastation of losing someone close, I began selling high quality products but at a low cost because I wanted to make face masks affordable to everyone to be as safe as possible.

I thought since we must wear mask, I would provide versatile, fashionable, and stylish masks, along with statement pieces such as the rhinestone T-shirts and Hoodies.

As time progressed, I started listening to the voice of my customers requesting head wraps and turbans so I extended my collection and added unique, vibrant colors of head wraps and turbans for both men and women to help us stay fashionable throughout all stages of life.
I carefully thought out every product that will meet the needs of my customers. I have selections for individuals who are going through loss of hair, and I have selections for my customers who want beautiful head accessories to add to their collection. It is my endeavor to make all my customers feel special and stylish with every accessory they purchase.

Thank you for shopping with Bsheri and welcome to our family!